7 Uses For 'Nature's Miracle' Essential Oil

7 Uses For 'Nature's Miracle' Essential Oil

Our skin is the largest organ of the human body and it deserves to be pampered often.

More importantly though, our skin should be taken care of daily to keep it healthy and beautiful. One way to keep our skin in top-notch shape, especially when we damage it or as we age, is to use "Nature's Miracle" essential oil - East Cape Mānuka Skin Oil.

East Cape mānuka oil is an essential oil packed with antibacterial properties, and is known to be stronger than tea tree oil and up to 1000x more powerful than manuka honey. This makes it the perfect companion in a first aid kit, hiking pack or a handbag. 

And of course, your daily skincare routine.

7 Uses For 'Nature's Miracle' Essential Oil image with ManukaRx Antibacterial Skin Oil with Manuka Oil.

Let’s explore the many ways this essential oil can revolutionise your natural skin care for everyday life, in tough conditions, or when damaged.

1. Soothing Burns

Whether it’s from basking in the sun at the beach or a fall grabbing something from the oven, burns of any kind are a fuss to deal with. These painful after-effects can linger for days and permanently damage our skin. For all types of burns, East Cape mānuka oil can be diluted and then applied to soothe and help expedite the healing process faster than most creams. Its powerful antibacterial properties will also help fight inflammation and possible infection. 

Of course, the first line of defense should never be skipped — protecting your body from harmful UV rays with sunscreen! 

2. Healing Insect Bites

7 Uses For 'Nature's Miracle' Essential Oil image of ManukaRx Skin Rescue Ointment.

Warm weather brings out the adventurer in all of us, but it also brings out the mosquitos. Those pesky mozzies and sand fly bites can leave you itching for days, and worse, scratching those bites can lead to infection and scarring. 

East Cape mānuka oil is a phenomenal natural remedy that can reduce the redness and fight infection fast — ultimately reducing risk of permanent skin damage. Just put 10-20 drops in a spray bottle diluted with water to apply on large areas of skin, or massage a drop onto the most troublesome bites directly. If you don't want to worry about diluting the oil yourself, and want a natural antiseptic to keep with you at all times, our Natural Skin Rescue Ointment is a wonderful addition to a first aid kit that helps to soothe irritated skin, naturally.

3. A Perfect Lip Balm 

7 Uses For 'Nature's Miracle' Essential Oil image of a woman applying ManukaRx antibacterial and moisturising lip balm.

One of the most forgotten steps of protecting our bodies during the spring and summer months is protecting our lips. It’s easy to forget but it’s very important to remember. Just rub a few dabs of diluted mānuka oil onto your lips for extra UV protection, or better yet, try our East Cape Mānuka Oil infused Lip Balm, while you’re getting your fill of the outdoors. This will help to avoid sunburn and dry, cracked lips to stay pucker-perfect!

4. Helping Dry Skin

Getting the right remedy for dry can be a difficult problem to crack, especially since everyone’s skin is different and the way our body reacts to treatment changes as we age. Because it is less irritating than tea tree oil, East Cape mānuka oil is a perfect essential oil for nourishing dry and sensitive skin. It can be added to your normal skincare routine by blending it into a moisturiser, it's less greasy than most creams, and best of all, it's an amazing remedy to help with highly troublesome dry areas like elbows, knees, and ankles.

5. Addressing Nappy Rash

Your baby or grandchild's health and safety is top-priority, and taking care for the sensitivity of the child is just as important. Given its gentle properties, and because it has no known allergens and is less harsh than other essential oils, East Cape mānuka oil can help treat those sensitive tushies and the delicate skin of infants. 

Plus, it is chemical free and all natural! If your little one is struggling with nappy rash, we recommend you try using our Natural Skin Ointment on the rash to help soothe and heal.  

6. Assisting with the Healing of Cuts and Scratches

Mānuka plant has been used for centuries by Māori priests for healing all kinds of ailments and injuries, and it remains to this day one of the best natural remedies. Not only is mānuka oil antibacterial, it's cicatrisant and a cytophylactic, which means it’s packed with the good stuff your skin will love. These attributes promote new cell growth, while helping keep cuts and scratches from getting infected and fighting growth of bad bacteria. 

7. Softening Broken Cuticles 

7 Uses For 'Nature's Miracle' Essential Oil image showing a woman smiling and holding ManukaRx Skin Rescue Ointment.

Cuticles are always tricky to keep healthy and beautiful, especially if you’re active, washing your hand regularly, or working with your hands. And nobody likes the pain that comes with cracking cuticles and those annoying snags when you reach into your pockets. 

Luckily there is a simple fix! Try either a drop of our Natural Skin RescueOintment, or a small amount of East Cape Mānuka Skin Oil. When rubbed onto your cuticles daily, you can help fix notoriously dry and cracking cuticles, helping to restore them to their rightful beauty, and fortify them for the future. 

What can’t East Cape mānuka oil do? If you’re ready to discover "Nature's Miracle" Essential Oil, why not try both our East Cape Mānuka Skin Oil and Natural Skin Rescue Ointment. You'll soon see why these items are a must-have for looking after your skin, naturally.

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