How to Keep Nappy Rash at Bay Naturally - Mother and baby treating nappy rash

Oh baby! How to Keep Nappy Rash at Bay Naturally

Nappy rash is an inevitable part of childhood and can appear at any diaper-wearing age. Here's how you can use ManukaRx as a barrier against irritation and protect your little one better, naturally.

Is there anything in life quite as overwhelming as becoming a new mum? The things to learn are never-ending, and just when you think you’ve got something under control - there’s something else that pops up! Don’t worry; while we can’t help with feeding, finding Bunny or navigating a new car seat selection -- ManukaRx CAN help with soothing and preventing nappy rash for your little one!

Nappy rash is an inevitable part of childhood and can appear at any diaper-wearing age. As children grow, the causes often change. Wet nappies, a change in brand and discovering new foods can all lead to a sore bottom for baby.

What Does Nappy Rash Look Like?

  • Nappy rash can range from a slight red rash to a raw and irritated bottom. It may have a spotty appearance and some inflammation.
  • If there appear to be signs of infection, if the rash looks unusual or particular sore, please consult your doctor.

How Can You Avoid Nappy Rash?

  • Try to avoid leaving wet or soiled nappies on your baby for too long. Changing them as soon as possible will help to avoid irritation.
  • Embrace nappy-free time. Letting baby enjoy some fresh air around his or her bottom will help to dry the area and give any sore spots time to breathe (just lay a waterproof mat down first!)
  • Use a barrier cream, such as ManukaRx Skin Rescue Ointment, to help to prevent skin irritation and keep baby’s skin from becoming too moist. Try to avoid chemicals where possible. ManukaRx products feature all natural ingredients, and is hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin, so you know it’s safe for use on baby. ManukaRx Natural Skin Rescue Ointment is also antibacterial, so not only will it keep the area clean, it will keep bacteria at bay.
  • Use a soft, warm cloth to gently clean the area, rather than wet wipes.
  • Some acidic foods can cause irritation, especially as your baby tries new fruits. If a nappy rash appears suddenly, have a think back to breakfast or dinner - orange, kiwifruit, strawberry, tomato and pineapple can all bring on a bout of nappy rash.
ManukaRx Skin Rescue Ointment

ManukaRx Ointment uses natural organic mānuka oil and is grown, harvested and distilled on the East Cape of New Zealand. Just as it takes a village to raise a baby, it takes a community to create a drop of mānuka oil - and this product is made with care.

Gentle and multipurpose, ManukaRx Skin Rescue Ointment is a versatile balm that’s perfect to keep in your nappy bag ready for the bumps, bruises and scrapes that are an unavoidable part of childhood. 

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