The Importance of a Consistent Skincare Routine

The Importance of a Consistent Skincare Routine

Learn about the powerful natural ingredients, like rosehip oil and East Cape mānuka essential oil, that can help you achieve a simple yet effective daily skincare ritual.
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One of the most important practices in an effective skincare routine is consistency, no matter what age. Notice we didn’t say complicated? That’s because a consistent skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated with a cabinet overflowing from cosmetics and creams. 

Whether you’re 15 or 50, it’s essential to have regular daily skincare practices that are relatively easy to keep up, like all habits and routines. This will help you maintain and improve skin health while bringing a host of other benefits not seen before. We are going to explain the importance of a consistent skincare routine, the benefits, how to achieve one for yourself, and some products that can help you get there!

The Importance of a Consistent Skincare Routine

Why is it important to have a consistent skincare routine?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, toned bodies aren’t achieved in a week, and perfect skin is…well…not a real thing. (But healthy skin is!) In an age of skin smoothing social media filters and instant satisfaction for many things, we have to remember that we are all wonderfully unique with different skincare needs and challenges. Good things take time, and the one thing that can benefit all of us is a bit of consistency! 

While it’s completely normal to test out different skincare products, constantly switching it up and trying new fads or “breakthrough” products can set you and your skin back. Using proven natural and holistic skincare solutions long enough to spot the difference is the key to getting results and achieving consistent results. 

The Importance of a Consistent Skincare Routine

How do I keep my skincare routine consistent?

Just like all things in life and similar to a diet or fitness plan, keeping things simple yet effective on a daily basis can go a long way. Not only because it’s SO MUCH easier to maintain in general (we know how busy life can get!), but it also reduces the possibility of another treatment or product counteracting the others. When choosing skincare products to build a routine on, going natural can be incredibly impactful for keeping your skin looking and feeling younger longer because you aren’t bombarding it with harsh chemicals. 

Two ingredients that will help you keep a consistent skincare routine:

Rosehip Oil

Brimming with amazing fatty acids, essential vitamins, and antioxidants – rosehip oil is one ingredient that is a must for keeping skin youthful and beautiful. These nourishing compounds help the skin retain elasticity and boost collagen production to keep skin snappy and happy. Rosehip also helps to defend your skin against free radicals that disrupt collagen production which leads to accelerated aging signs. 

East Cape Mānuka Essential Oil

Protecting the skin is an integral part to consider when establishing a consistent skincare routine. The world’s most powerful antibacterial essential oil, East Cape mānuka oil will help fortify your skin’s defences against some of the worst bad skin bacteria while promoting improved skin healing. This versatile magic oil hydrates and protects while synergistically working with other ingredients, which makes it an obvious choice for a simple and effective routine. 

4 Steps for a Consistent Skincare Routine

Keeping things consistent will improve the overall health of your skin microbiome and will assist in cell regeneration, healing, prevention of wrinkles, and reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. If you treat your skin wonderfully, it’ll repay the favour by looking wonderful and keeping you healthy. 

Step 1: The Morning Cleanse

The first step is properly cleansing your face in the morning. An effective daily cleanser, like the Soothing Cream Cleanser, gently cleans away make-up, dead skin, and oil build up for your face. Best used morning and before sleep, the rosehip oil in this cleanser will help to reinvigorate tired skin with a boost of essential protective vitamins. Evening primrose moisturises and soothes skin, important after a night sleep when your skin works hard to repair itself. And the probiotic inside helps strengthen the skin barrier and reduces moisture loss. 

Image of the Soothing Cream Cleanser


Step 2: Protect and Nourish 

Hydrated skin is so important to achieving consistent healthy skin. But it’s also important to use a cream that doesn’t clog up pores. Firming Day Cream is a hyper-hydrating cream that harnesses the power of rosehip oil to protect skin from the elements all day long while helping skin cell repair. Massage this day cream onto your face after cleansing and experience the plethora of benefits from the duo of rosehip and māunka, creating a hydrating yet breathable layer to keep skin bright, resilient, and youthful. 

Woman holding the Firming Day Cream


Step 3: Repair and Revitalise

Essential oils hold quite a bit of magic when it comes to skincare, and ones such as rosehip and mānuka are some of the most beneficial for their abundance of benefits. A little goes a long way with the Restorative Skin Oil to penetrate deep and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, aging spots, and sun damage. A few drops of this oil massaged onto the skin after moisturising will add an extra layer of protection for the skin, while the vitamin A and retinoids amplify collagen production to strengthen skin and reduce visible signs of aging. 

Image of the Restorative Skin Oil

Step 4: Support Your Skin

A good consistent skincare routine is one that supports the from skin morning to night, and even while you sleep. An effective overnight hydrating cream like ManukaRx Nourishing Night Cream will work to continue hydrating, protecting, and restoring your skin while you rest and your skin cells repair at night. Along with the benefits of our miracle ingredients rosehip and mānuka, aloe vera hydrates even deeper so you wake up with brighter and more luminous skin.


Bonus: Always SPF!

One of the leading causes of failing collagen production and signs of accelerated aging are the effects of harmful UV rays and sun exposure. Though all of the steps above can lead to amazing results, using SPF daily is important to protect yourself and your skin. Especially in New Zealand, where our UV-B exposure and thin ozone layer expose us more than other countries. 

With powerful hero ingredients like rosehip oil and East Cape mānuka essential oil, creating a daily consistent skincare ritual that is easy to maintain and will show results is simpler than ever. Experience the profound benefits of natural skincare today with our Rejuvenating Ritual and achieve incredible-looking skin no matter the age!

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