The Importance of Sustainable Skincare

The Importance of Sustainable Skincare

Mother Nature provides some wonderful things to improve our lives, and this article is all about how to improve our lives to keep Mother Nature as wonderful as possible. The consideration of our impact on the planet has never been more vital, and sustainability should be on our minds not just for one day a year like Earth Day, but every day. And at ManukaRx, it’s not just on our minds but engrained in our soul as a company and in every aspect of ManukaRx products from partnerships, cultivation, farming, harvesting, production, and our ethos.

Do You Know What Goes Into Making Your Skincare Products?

Let’s all be honest with each other, raise your hand if you know how your skincare products are made and what goes into them. This may be the case for some of us, but for most, there is a giant gap in knowledge about the ins and outs of skincare products, and often minimal and obscure information is provided. 

Yet, we believe clarity and transparency are key to being a responsible skincare manufacturer and important for people like yourselves seeking to live a more natural, healthy, and holistic lifestyle. We fully support communicating our practices clearly, and that’s why we’ve been endeavouring towards being a sustainable brand certified by B corp with our Sustainability Officer leading the charge!

Why Does Sustainability Matter When Choosing Your Skincare?

All the reasons! But there are a few main points that make choosing plant-powered and planet-friendly skincare products the best choice. One of the main reasons is reducing the synthetic or chemical usage in many over-the-counter skincare “solutions” or artificial ingredients creates less human-made waste which typically have a much bigger impact on our planet. Consciously sourced natural ingredients don’t have the lasting (and something forever lasting) negative impacts like petroleum or synthetic based products. Secondly, it’s better for your body! Nature gives us so many wonderful ingredients ripe with positive benefits for our bodies without the potentially nasty side effects of non-natural products. 

How Does ManukaRx Stand Apart From The Crowd?

Our Sustainability in Agriculture

From the very beginnings of ManukaRx and onward, sustainable agriculture practices have been integral in everything we do. The once bulldozed and despised mānuka bush (to make way for beef and dairy farms) has now become one of the largest drivers in New Zealand-made products with incredible health and skin benefits. For years, the mighty myrtle was cleared for negative-environmental impact farms and thought to be an annoyance, leading to soil degradation, erosion, and deforestation. 


After the power of mānuka was discovered, this native plant has retaken the hillsides and lands it once covered, and lands have been replanted to grow mānuka plants. This is helping to restore native flora to New Zealand and improve the strength and health of the stunning natural landscapes across the country. ManukaRx only partners with farming initiatives that practice sustainable agriculture with the planet in mind in coordination with local iwi (Māori community helping drive planet-friendly production and rural community opportunities. 

Our Hero Ingredients Supporting Nature

Mānuka is becoming a household name across the globe for its marvellous array of skincare and health benefits. But mānuka oil distillation is a much newer method that unlocks much more of the power, with East Cape mānuka oil being the world’s most powerful antibacterial essential oil. 

Finding new ways to use this magical plant, we have inhouse scientists developing better ways to produce and utilise this miracle myrtle. And in doing so, this is driving more research into natural skincare ingredients and supporting native flora of New Zealand. To date, ManukaRx has planted over 5 million native mānuka trees across the breathtaking region of the East Cape, helping drive planet-friendly production and rural community opportunities. A feat we are incredibly proud of!

Our Sustainable and Zero Animal Testing Production Methods

Everything about our production of mānuka oil is not lost on us, and we strive to use the ingredients harvested to the very last drop so nothing is lost in the process! After the mānuka oil is distilled, the remaining water is turned into mānuka hydrosol to be used again. The branches and leaves after the mānuka oil are used for mulch when planting more mānuka trees across the region. And of course, whether you know it or not, our products are never tested on animals.

Now you know the important and immense benefits of choosing sustainable skincare products, all that is left is to explore our shop and experience the natural skincare superpowers of mānuka oil made with the planet in mind!

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