Why Everyone Should Use A Mist Toner

Why Everyone Should Use A Mist Toner

Our skin is forever parched, there’s no denying it. Whatever the season or whatever the environment, our skin is constantly losing moisture and thirsty for more, so much so that it can be hard to keep up with it. And whether your skin hydration levels are lost in the Sahara status or pretty well managed, there’s one product every make-up bag or handbag could use to do better by your skin – a mist toner. 

This pocket-sized spray is more like paradise in a bottle for our skin that you never knew you needed, until that first and utterly refreshing use. For the skin, it’s the equivalent to the feeling of jumping into a pool on a scorching day or drinking water after intense workout, or even just enjoying a cold drink while relaxing. Instant bliss you might say, and we are going to break down exactly why we get so excited about the dermal nirvana-inducing benefits of mist toners. 

What is a mist toner used for?

A mist toner fills the gaps in everyday skincare needs by balancing necessity and convenience. After all, let’s get real – stopping to show our skin a bit of love throughout the day can seem like a hassle, or simply it is not something we have time to do. But it is important. Yet, our lives at home and work can be busy and remembering to take care of our skin between the sacred morning and night routine we hold dear can feel hopeless. And that’s exactly where a mist toner comes in.

What exactly is a mist toner? 

A mist toner, in a basic sense, is a light spray often combining floral water with certain ingredients that can help support your skin throughout the day. For our new Pro-Aging Mist Toner, the goal was to create a quick and effective way to refresh and hydrate the skin throughout the day when our on the go lives demand convenience. We combined the refreshing and delicate scents of rose and geranium water with the incredible anti-aging benefits of rosehip oil to nourish skin, and the unmatched anti-bacterial and antioxidant effects of East Cape mānuka oil for added protection. 

The result? A scientifically formulated botanical blend combining the best ingredients in nature, bottled into an ultra-hydrating mist toner that will help revitalise and balance skin throughout the day. 

How do you use a mist toner?

A mist toner acts as a perfect base to boost skin health with just a couple of sprays, and works best when applying it before your day cream or night cream. Though, there’s no real wrong time to use the Pro-Aging Mist Toner – you can keep it in your purse, on your desk, or in the car for a quick and refreshing spritz. To use the mist toner, close your eyes and spray on the face and décolletage area, let dry naturally, then apply your favourite moisturiser or skin cream after. Throughout the day, simply spray onto the face when you feel like you need a pick-me-up for an invigorating boost to your skin barrier. 

Because of its ease of use, you can pack the Pro-Aging Mist Toner into your day bag to use at work, after workouts, doing anything outdoors, while at the beach, or…well…anywhere. It’s a great skincare companion for any climate whether hot and humid or dry and cold and anything in between. A quick spritz will leave your skin feeling cool, energised and leave you with a glistening goddess-like complexion. 

What sets our Pro-Aging Mist Toner apart? 

Everything that is crafted at ManukaRx is science-backed skincare, where we combine proven studies of powerful natural ingredients with the best Mother Nature has to offer into botanical blends that help you improve your skin health better, naturally. And the Pro-Aging Mist Toner is no different. Unlike other mist toners, ours harnesses the powerful fortifying and anti-inflammatory effects of East Cape mānuka oil, one of the world’s most effective anti-bacterial essential oil. Along with that, we pair it with one of nature’s most effective collagen boosting and antioxidant essential oils, rosehip oil, to improve overall skin health and youthfulness for longer. 

  • East Cape mānuka oil combats bad skin bacteria and breakouts
  • Rosehip oil improves collagen production and skin barrier function 
  • Rose, lavender, and geranium add a light and calming scent
  • Aloe vera extract for added anti-inflammatory effects
  • Cucumber extract for cooling and relaxing skin
  • Chamomile flower extract soothes and keeps skin supple 

Experience the unrivalled ultra-hydrating effects of ManukaRx Pro-Aging Mist Toner available for yourself - shop now.

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