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Why You Should Choose Science-Backed Skincare

Learn why choosing science-backed skincare is essential for effective results, and how ManukaRx harnesses the potent antibacterial properties of East Cape mānuka oil to create gentle yet powerful skincare solutions.

Natural skincare is booming and becoming a first consideration when looking for solutions to skin challenges. And we love that! We believe that going natural is one of the most effective and holistic ways to achieve the healthy and beautiful skin you’ve always wanted. 

Unfortunately, there are also many natural skincare products that don’t actually work, or brands that add natural ingredients just to put it on the label. Ingredients added more for marketing rather than effectiveness because of the lack of research into how each ingredient works.  

With Manuka Skin Science™, true and effective natural skincare isn’t just a label, it’s a labour of love to create science-backed skincare solutions to uplift your skin health, naturally. Our hero ingredient, East Cape mānuka oil, has been scientifically formulated to create the world’s most powerful anti-bacterial essential oil -- over 1,000x more anti-bacterial effectiveness than mānuka honey. 


Why Choose Science-Backed Skincare When Going Natural?

To truly get the full benefits from natural skincare, each natural ingredient should be thoroughly researched to understand the benefits they provide for specific skin concerns. Knowing what natural ingredients are most effective for unique skin concerns is key, not simply adding them because they are popular ingredients to pop onto a label. 


When it comes to mānuka oil skincare, ManukaRx has put in the time to uncover the most effective ways of combining the best ingredients nature provides with the unmatched anti-bacterial power of East Cape mānuka oil.

That’s why we’ve been able to create the most potent anti-bacterial essential oil to solve a plethora of skin challenges like acne, aging lines and wrinkles, dry and damaged skin, and more. It’s anti-fungal, antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatories properties have been unlocked from decades of research and time-intensive distillation process -- helping to take East Cape mānuka oil to the pinnacle of natural skincare. 


The result: Gentle yet powerful and potent natural skincare products that put you and the planet first, which can’t be said for many mass-produced synthetic or over-the-counter skincare products. 

Synergistic Skincare Unlocks Unlimited Potential

With the unmatched anti-bacterial effectiveness of East Cape mānuka essential oil, it is already 30x more powerful than Australian tea tree oil at killing bad skin bacteria -- one of the most popular ingredients in many hair and skincare brands. But we didn’t want to stop there. 

The synergistic properties of mānuka oil allow it to be combined with other natural ingredients to tackle specific skin challenges, while improving the effectiveness of each ingredient. Like our Collagen Restore products that combine East Cape mānuka oil with the phenomenal collagen-boosting benefits of rosehip oil to create incredible anti-aging solutions. Or the pairing of East Cape mānuka oil’s anti-bacterial superpowers with turmeric, frankincense, and jojoba oil in our Blemish Skin Oil that is scientifically formulated to fight off even the most severe acne issues. 

The benefits of science-backed skincare are obvious, and the effectiveness of these skincare combinations couldn’t happen without dedicated and extensive research. 


Manuka Skin Science™ And The Benefits of Sustainable Skincare

There are plenty of skincare products on that market that might be effective at solving certain skin concerns, but can be detrimental to your body or the planet in other ways. 

Manuka Skin Science™ is a holistic process for natural skincare cosmeceuticals, from the processes used in production, to the ingredients used in products and the packaging it comes in. So you can feel good about the products you use while feeling good about your healthy and beautiful skin.

From the very beginning of the mānuka essential oil production to your home, the impact and effectiveness of all ManukaRx products is taken into account. Mānuka plants are harvested on responsibly maintained farms to make sure the surrounding environment and plants themselves aren’t destroyed. After distillation, the leftover raw material and even mānuka hydrosol (the distillation byproduct) are utilised. From local farms to the production itself, East Cape mānuka oil supports local communities and provides job opportunities to a region that once struggled with dwindling industry. 


Of course when it comes to you and your skin, all of the ingredients used are scientifically formulated to treat skin concerns while being healthy and gentle enough to use on the most sensitive skin. Every drop has the love and dedication of ManukaRx and our commitment to the planet and you.  

ManukeRx skincare products are New Zealand made using locally sourced ingredients, sustainably produced, science-backed, and cruelty free with no animal testing. 

Explore our shop and discover endless benefits with the science-backed skincare of East Cape mānuka essential oil today to uplift your skincare routine, naturally. 

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